Who sang Who Will Save Your Soul?

Who sang Who Will Save Your Soul?

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Who Will Save Your Soul album?

Pieces of You
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“Who Will Save Your Soul” is a song written and sung by Jewel. It was the first song released from her first album, Pieces of You (1995), and became a hit in North America and Australasia, peaking at number seven in Canada, number 11 in the United States, number 14 in New Zealand and number 27 in Australia.

Did Jewel rerecord pieces of you?

Pieces of You is the debut studio album by American singer-songwriter Jewel, released on February 28, 1995, by Atlantic Records. After two years, the album was re-released featuring the re-recorded versions of “You Were Meant for Me” and “Foolish Games”.

How can I save my soul?

How to Save Your Soul According to the Bible?

  1. Believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.
  2. Believe in Christ as the head of the church or the body.
  3. Accept Christ as the savior of the church.
  4. Be part of the church or the body of Christ and accept Him as your savior.

Did any of jewels songs go gold?

It reached No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and certified Gold in the United States. The album’s sound did not bring as major success as her previous releases, with its first single becoming the only major hit….

Jewel discography
Soundtrack albums 8
Tribute albums 2
Audiobooks 5

Can religion save our soul?

There’s no religion that can save anybody. There’s only one name – Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Again, your soul can’t be saved by just joining any religious sect or denomination. Those who choose not to worship God or in another deity choose to worship their own thinking.

Who Will Save Your soul release date?

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What must you do to save your soul?

Can religion save us?

God’s Word says that we are saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus and not by our own efforts or works (Ephesians 2:8-9). Grace Alone. Faith Alone. Grace alone means that God loves, forgives, and saves us not because of who we are or what we do, but because of the work of Christ.

Can you lose your soul forever?

You cannot totally lose your Soul, it is always there in the background of your life, albeit, often times inaccessible due to the trauma you may have experienced. Many people misunderstand the term Soul Loss as literally meaning losing your Soul. But instead, it’s about losing access to the vital core of you.

What does saving your soul mean?

1 tr to rescue, preserve, or guard (a person or thing) from danger or harm. 2 to avoid the spending, waste, or loss of (money, possessions, etc.) 3 tr to deliver from sin; redeem.