Who stars in the movie Harvest Moon?

Who stars in the movie Harvest Moon?

Cast & Crew

  • Jessy Schram. Jenny Stone.
  • Jesse Hutch. Brett Jarrett.
  • Rowen Kahn. Harry.
  • Barbara Pollard. Rosie.
  • Patricia Isaac. Brooke.
  • Willie Aames. William Stone.
  • Lynda Boyd. Lou.
  • Hrothgar Mathews. Phil.

    Who plays Jen in Harvest Moon?

    JESSY SCHRAM (Jen) – American film and television actress Jessy Schram was born and raised in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. As a child actor she appeared in numerous commercials and stage productions before taking the bold step of moving to Los Angeles at the age of 18.

    Who discovered Harvest Moon?

    Guy Ottewell
    According to astronomy author Guy Ottewell, the idea of the Harvest Moon originated in Europe (average latitude about 50 degrees north), where the Harvest Moon rises only ten to 20 minutes later each night.

    Where was Harvest Moon filmed?

    In Harvest Moon, the Smith’s farm plays the Jarrett Farm and most of the movie was shot at this location. Crew’s spent about a week filming at the farm and Marianne would welcome a production back anytime. Exteriors of the farmhouse were shown throughout the movie.

    Is there a Harvest Moon movie?

    Watch a preview for the Hallmark Channel original movie, “Harvest Moon” starring Jessy Schram and Jesse Hutch.

    Is there a Harvest Moon sequel?

    Harvest Moon captures that same young man 20 years later. He is a man who know knows who he is, who he loves and why. The albums complement each other beautifully, and tell an elongated story of age, love and nature. Harvest Moon is a sequel that works.

    Does Rowen Kahn sing?

    Rowen Kahn is an actor, singer/songwriter and visual artist living and working in New York City after graduating from Sarah Lawrence College in 2016. He is currently recording and preparing his next project after putting out his debut album, ‘Shortcut’ in April, 2018.

    Will there be a Harvest Moon in 2020?

    1! The full moon of October 2020, called the Harvest Moon, will grace the skies this week on Thursday (Oct. 1). That’s the same day that the planet Mercury reaches its greatest eastern elongation, or the furthest distance east of the sun.

    Why is tonight’s moon so low?

    When you see a moon low in the sky it is because you are seeing it through a greater thickness of Earth’s atmosphere. This is known as the “moon illusion”, according to EarthSky.org. When the moon is near the horizon you are looking at in comparison to familiar reference points such as trees, buildings, mountains, etc.

    Who are the actors in the Hallmark movie Harvest Moon?

    Find out more about the cast of the Hallmark Channel movie “Harvest Moon,” starring Jessy Schram, Jesse Hutch and Willie Aames. Cast – Harvest Moon

    Who are the backing singers on Harvest Moon by Neil Young?

    The song uses a moon motif, which Young has mentioned is very important to him and has quasi-religious undertones. It is a tribute to his wife Pegi Young, and the two are dancing in a bar in the music video. Linda Ronstadt provides the backing vocals.

    Who are the best wives in Harvest Moon?

    The Harvest Moon games are a treasure of memories and countryside decision making. One of the biggest decisions in each game is picking who you want to marry. Well for this list I’ve covered the best wife options across the most popular harvest Moon titles in the franchise.

    Who are the bachelorettes in Harvest Moon Animal Parade?

    Kathy from Harvest Moon: Animal Parade deserves a spot in here. She’s referred to as one of the game’s most eligible bachelorettes and I think I agree. Kathy works as a waitress at the towns Brass Bar and has befriended most of the patrons in the game.