Who started Exodus band?

Who started Exodus band?

Kirk Hammett
The initial lineup of Exodus was formed in the late 1970s by guitarists Kirk Hammett and Tim Agnello, drummer/vocalist Tom Hunting, and vocalist Keith Stewart, while they attended high school together.

Who was Exodus first singer?

Keith Stewart
Exodus is an American thrash metal band from Richmond, California. Formed in 1979, the group originally included lead vocalist Keith Stewart, guitarists Kirk Hammett and Tim Agnello, and drummer Tom Hunting, who later added guitarist Mikey B, who left after six months.

Where is the band exodus from?

Richmond, CA

What was Exodus first album?

1982 Demo
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Is EXODUS a good band?

Tempo Of The Damned (2004) “Exodus is easily the best thrash metal band around today, and everything they’ve put out post-2000 is amazing. Tempo of the Damned kicked off the modern era of Exodus and is probably my favorite album from them, period!

Why did Rob Dukes leave EXODUS?

Dukes also talked about his 2014 dismissal from EXODUS and the return of his predecessor, Steve “Zetro” Souza. Rob, who fronted EXODUS for nine years, believed that the move was a business decision that enabled the band to play shows for more money with a “classic” lineup.

Why did baloff leave Exodus?

Bonded by Blood and firing (1984–1991) Exodus recorded their first album Bonded by Blood in the summer of 1984. Shortly after touring for Bonded by Blood, Baloff was fired from the band for “personal and musical differences”, although he still had writer credits on their next album, Pleasures of the Flesh.

Is Exodus a good band?

What albums was Paul Baloff on?

Bonded by Blood1985
Another Lesson in Violence19971982 Demo1982
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Why was Rob Dukes kicked out of Exodus?

Generation Kill (2008 – Present) Dukes, on hiatus from touring with Exodus, wanted to funnel his excess creative energy and aggression into something new.