Who was the first person eliminated from the No Way Out 2009 Elimination Chamber match for the WHC?

Who was the first person eliminated from the No Way Out 2009 Elimination Chamber match for the WHC?

Elimination Chamber entrances and eliminations (Raw)

Eliminated Wrestler Method
1 Kane Pinned after a Seated Senton off the top of a pod
2 Mike Knox Pinned after a Codebreaker
3 John Cena (c) Pinned after a Spear
4 Chris Jericho Pinned with a double leg cradle

Who won Elimination Chamber 2007?

Before the event aired live on pay-per-view, a dark match between Rob Van Dam and Shelton Benjamin took place. Van Dam won the match by pinning Benjamin after performing a Five-star frog splash.

Who won the first ever Elimination Chamber match?

Shawn Michaels
1. Raw Elimination Chamber (Survivor Series 2002) Turns out that sometimes, you just can’t beat an original. The first, and greatest ever, Elimination Chamber match saw Shawn Michaels cap a remarkable in-ring comeback by capturing his first World Heavyweight Championship.

Who are the actors in the movie No Way Out?

Howard Duff, George Dzundza, Jason Bernard, Fred Thompson, and Iman appear in supporting roles. The film is based on the 1946 novel The Big Clock by Kenneth Fearing, previously filmed as The Big Clock (1948) and Police Python 357 (1976).

Who are the wrestlers that have posed for Playboy?

Torrie Wilson was quick to extend gratitude Hefner’s way for the boost the shoot did her career, and many other former Playboy models similarly jumped to echo such sentiments. For a while, WWE and Playboy made perfect playmates, a relationship ideally suited to the crass ideals of the Attitude Era and the demographic it brought with it.

What was the rating of no way out?

The site’s consensus states: “Roger Donaldson’s modern spin on the dense, stylish suspense films of the 1940s features fine work from Gene Hackman and Sean Young, as well as the career-making performance that made Kevin Costner a star.” Roger Ebert gave the film 4 out of 4 stars, calling it “truly labyrinthine and ingenious.”

Who are some famous women in the WWE?

A stunning blonde who graced the covers of top selling men’s magazines like FHM and Playboy, Torrie stood in the corners of Superstars like Carlito and Tajiri when she wasn’t competing herself.