Who won Australian Idol in 2005?

Who won Australian Idol in 2005?

Anna Katherine “Kate” Jenna DeAraugo
Anna Katherine “Kate” Jenna DeAraugo (born 5 November 1985), is an Australian singer, and was the winner of the third season of Australian Idol in 2005.

Who has been on Australian Idol?


  • Guy Sebastian, season one winner.
  • Shannon Noll, season one runner-up.
  • Anthony Callea, season two runner-up.
  • Damien Leith, season four winner.
  • Jessica Mauboy, season four runner-up.
  • Natalie Gauci, season five winner.
  • Matt Corby, season five runner-up.

    Who won the second Australian Idol?

    Casey Donovan

    Australian Idol (season 2)
    Finalists (with dates of elimination)
    Casey Donovan Winner
    Anthony Callea 16 November
    Courtney Murphy 8 November

    Who is the most successful Australian Idol?

    Guy Sebastian
    Season one winner Guy Sebastian has been the most commercially successful Australian Idol contestant, with season four runner up Jessica Mauboy second. They are followed by season one runner up Shannon Noll, season five runner up Matt Corby, season two runner up Anthony Callea, and season four winner Damien Leith.

    Why was Australian Idol Cancelled?

    Starting with Season 6, judge Mark Holden departed, and, for the first time, auditions were to be held in London and Los Angeles, due in part to the success of Aussie ex-pat Michael Johns on American Idol (2002). However, the L.A. auditions were cancelled due to the judges’ scheduling conflicts.

    Did Wes Carr win Australian Idol?

    Wesley Dean “Wes” Carr (born 14 September 1982), also recording as Buffalo Tales, is an Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, best known for winning the sixth season of Australian Idol in 2008. In June 2011, Carr released “Been a Long Time”, the lead single from his third album.

    Is Australian Idol coming back?

    Australian Idol is coming back after over a decade off the air. The Seven Network announced today the show will be revived in 2022.

    Who won Australian Idol in 2004?


    Australian Idol finalists (with dates of elimination)
    Australian Idol season 1 finalists
    Australian Idol season 2 (2004) finalists
    Casey Donovan Winner
    Anthony Callea 21 November

    Who was the winner of Australian Idol Season 1?

    Season one winner Guy Sebastian currently holds the record for the highest-selling Australian Idol album, with more than four hundred thousand copies sold in Australia. ^ Contestant’s age at the time the season’s final round began. “Season 1 Top 12 Contestants”. Australian Idol. Archived from the original on 2 December 2003.

    When did Jessica Mauboy return to Australian Idol?

    Between releasing three solo albums and being part of a The Young Divas (with fellow reality singing stars Paulini, Jessica Mauboy, Emily Williams, and Kate DeAraugo) she returned to Australian Idol for seasons two years in 2009-09 as a presenter and reporter and was nominated for a Logie.

    Who was rejected for first series of Australian Idol?

    Has forged career as TV host (Young Talent Time) and appeared on-stage in Wicked. Famously had an affair with Paris Hilton while she was in Australia for the Melbourne Cup. Coulter was rejected for the first series of Idol in 03, but made the most of her second chance in 04, making it to the final before being eliminated.