Who wrote the NSYNC songs?

Who wrote the NSYNC songs?

On specific songs, songwriter and producer Veit Renn collaborated with band member JC Chasez, who co-authored the album’s title track and three other songs.

Did NSYNC write any of their own songs?

2000: NSYNC. The group’s third album, Celebrity, released on July 24, 2001, produced three singles: “Pop” (number 19 in the US), “Gone” (number 11) and “Girlfriend” (number 5). The album featured much more creative involvement from the group, who wrote and produced several of their own tracks.

Who wrote Bye Bye NSYNC?

Kristian Lundin
Andreas CarlssonJacob Schulze
Bye Bye Bye/Composers
“Bye Bye Bye” is a song by the American boy band NSYNC. It was released on January 18, 2000, as the lead single from their third studio album No Strings Attached. The song was written and produced by Kristian Lundin and Jake Schulze, with additional writing by Andreas Carlsson.

What songs did JC Chasez write for NSYNC?

Wrote “The Game Is Over”, “The Two Of Us”, “Up Against The Wall” and “Selfish” for *NSYNC’s album “Celebrity”. Co-wrote “Lies” for Wild Orchid’s album “Fire”. Co-wrote “You Don’t Have to be Alone” performed by NSYNC for the soundtrack to How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000).

What was NSYNC first song?

I Want You Back (NSYNC song)
I Want You Back (NSYNC song) “I Want You Back” is the debut single of American boy band NSYNC. It was released on October 4, 1996, in Germany as the first single from their self-titled debut album.

What song made NSYNC famous?

“I Want You Back” (*NSYNC): The song that started it all. This Max Martin-produced track, the group’s debut single, is so quintessentially ’90s; the perfect nostalgia fix.

Is Goodbye short for God be with you?

A goodbye means that someone’s departing: you say goodbye to your parents when you go off to college, and you also say goodbye to guests when they leave after a visit. The original goodbye, dating from the 1570s, was godbwye, which was a contraction of the farewell phrase “God be with ye!”

Why do we say good bye?

Saying goodbye allows us to put words to feelings, shape how we remember someone, codify our choices, and frame distinct periods of time. In short, goodbyes give us a sense of closure as we move into the next phases of our lives.

With their legal woes behind them, NSYNC refocused and worked on tracks for its second album. In January 2000, the group released “Bye Bye Bye”, an upbeat dance track, which shot into the top 5 of the Hot 100 and spent 5 weeks atop the Hot 100 Airplay chart. The song is often considered the group’s signature song.

What does Buh bye mean?

informal. : good-bye, bye-bye Buh-bye, frumpy maternity frocks—hello fitted, flattering pregnancy fashions.—

Who’s the best singer in NSYNC?

It’s JC’s 40th, and even Justin Timberlake is edging towards the truth: Chasez was the best *NSYNC-er of the bunch. He had a Broadway calibre voice, threw down his dance moves without a hint of irony, and did not have weird gelled curls atop his beautiful head.

What was the first NSYNC song to be released?

“Pop” was released as the first single from NSYNC’s third and final studio album Celebrity. It was co-written by group member Justin Timberlake and Wade Robson. Production was handled by electronic music artist BT. The song’s lyrics took on criticism of boy bands and mainstream pop music assuring listeners that the songs are enduring and not a fad.

Who was the original artist of gone by NSYNC?

NSYNC member Justin Timberlake co-wrote “Gone” and has stated the song was originally intended for Michael Jackson but the project was ultimately scrapped. The accompanying music video was directed by legendary fashion photographer Herb Ritts and shot in black and white.

When did I Want you Back by NSYNC come out?

The second video was directed by Jesse Vaughan and Douglas Biro and was shot in black-and-white for the American release of “I Want You Back” in 1998. This was the second single released from NSYNC’s second studio album No Strings Attached. It became the group’s only song to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

When did the song Girlfriend by NSYNC come out?

There are two music videos in existence for “Girlfriend.” The first uses the album version of the song and features only the group. It was released in December 2001 ahead of the single’s release and includes group member Justin Timberlake winning a drag race. A re-edited music video includes scenes of Nelly added into the already existing scenes.