Why is Velvet Underground good?

Why is Velvet Underground good?

They had edgy, uncommon themes in their music, such as drug addiction, dealers, prostitutes, and transvestites. They also had excellent song writing by Lou Reed. Their songs are catchy, simple, but unique. Many musicians learned guitar playing velvet underground songs, because they are usually pretty easy to play.

What is The Velvet Underground known for?

Recorded in 1966 but not released until the following year, The Velvet Underground and Nico was one of rock’s most important debuts, a pioneering work that applied the disruptive aesthetics of avant-garde music and free jazz (drones, distortion, atonal feedback) to rock guitar.

Was Velvet Underground good?

The Velvet Underground is regarded as one of the most influential bands in rock history. Their first four albums were included in Rolling Stone’s list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. They were ranked the 19th greatest artist by the same magazine and the 24th greatest artist in a poll by VH1.

Why is The Velvet Underground and Nico so important?

Described as “the original art-rock record”, The Velvet Underground & Nico served as a major influence on many subgenres of rock music and forms of alternative music, including punk, garage, shoegaze, goth, and indie.

Is Velvet Underground underrated?

They were underrated nationally but got their dues in New York and the underground scene, but being the lack of accessibility and national media coverage they probably were underrated nationally.

Who sang after hours by Velvet Underground?

The Velvet Underground
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What type of music is Velvet Underground?

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Did the Velvet Underground have any hits?

So, as their third, self-titled album hits its 50th anniversary, we’ve taken to ranking their ten greatest tracks of all time. Experimental and timeless all at once, these songs are bound to serve you well under the sun… This track sat on Loaded, the fourth album by The Velvet Underground.

When did White Light White Heat come out?

January 30, 1968
White Light/White Heat/Release date
Recorded in a short flurry of studio sessions in September 1967, and released on January 30th, 1968, White Light/White Heat – the band’s final studio album with co-founder and multi-instrumentalist John Cale – boasted none of the louche charm of the Velvets’ 1967 debut, The Velvet Underground & Nico; nor, for that …

Is the Velvet Underground the best band ever?

In my opinion, the Velvet Underground remains the greatest band America has ever produced. While some listeners may disagree, the proof exists in both the humanity and ingenuity the band infused in its music over a four-album career. After leaving the group, she would again work with Cale and Reed.

What type of music is the Velvet Underground?