Why was addicted Cancelled?

Why was addicted Cancelled?

Addiction, a 15-part web series that portrays the lives of queer high schoolers, was removed from iQiyi — China’s version of Netflix — on Monday after censors decided the show was “unfit for viewing,” reports Time.

How old is Luo yunxi?

33 years (28 July 1988)
Luo Yunxi/Age

How many seasons does addicted have?

Addicted/Number of seasons

How many episodes of Addicted Chinese drama are there?

Addicted (web series)

Country of origin China
Original language Mandarin
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 15

Is Bailu dating Luo Yunxi?

After the news started trending, Leo Luo and Bai Lu’s fan clubs posted a very similar announcement at the same time and tagged each other, denying the dating rumors. They announced: “Regarding rumors surrounding Bai Lu and Luo Yunxi-laoshi, after verifying with the company/studio, it’s confirmed the rumors are false.

Is Luo Yunxi girlfriend?

Girlfriend & Relationship of Luo Yunxi if you are looking for information about Luo Yunxi’s current girlfriend and relationship then read this article, actually, he keeps his personal life information away from the media BUT according to his marital status, he is currently single and he is not dating anyone right now.

Are Timmy and Johnny still friends?

To this day, Johnny Huang and Timmy Xu still haven’t worked together or been seen together in any public events. Last year, fans got excited when the author and producer behind the “Addicted” series and novel, Chai Jidan, posted a picture of filming in progress of two men in bed.

What are BL dramas?

The boys’ love genre started to gain traction in Asia with new drama titles released, such as 2gether. It started in the 1970s as a girls’ manga genre called shounen-ai or adolescent boys’ love. It began to spread in other media such as manga and anime, and then later on as live-action drama.

Will there be addicted 2?

Author Confirms “Addicted 2” is Happening, Series is Filming in Taiwan. Leave us with a unique set of memories.” Luckily, Chai Jidan assured her fans saying, “This is a newly created script by me.”, hinting it won’t be the same characters or actors from the first series.

What happened Lana intervention?

‘Intervention’ Season 5, Episode 10 Lana, from St. George, Utah, was 24 years old at the time of her Intervention episode. The most disturbing part of her story was what happened to her six months before the episode aired. She was addicted to drugs and alcohol and was the victim of sexual assault.

Is Luo yunxi girlfriend?

Are Bai Lu and Xu Kai dating?

Xu Kai later officially apologized to her on the Internet, they have no more interactions now. Actress Bai Lu and Xu Kai were working together in the hit drama “The Legends” as male and female protagonists. Many Viewers were attracted by the CP of them. Luckily, they made the romance real.

Who is Luo Yanxi?

Luo Yunxi (Chinese: 罗云熙, born 28 July 1988), also known by his English name Leo Luo, is a Chinese actor. He graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy, majoring in ballet. Luo became known for his role as the younger counterpart of the male protagonist He Yichen in the hit romance drama My Sunshine.

Can Timmy Xu speak English?

– Born in Shanghai, China. – He plays the guitar. – He speaks English.